This course introduced the powerful capabilities of ArcGIS Pro with working project builds and quizzes.


  • Describe the capabilities of ArcGIS Pro
  • Use basic ArcGIS Pro functionality

Software Capabilities

Learning objectives include awareness of:
* 2D and 3D maps
* how to perform spatial analysis
* enhance analysis with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning
* integrating and managing data
* processing imagery
* creating portals to share projects

Projects in ArcGIS Pro

Projects include databases, folders, maps, styles, toolboxes and layouts.

User Interface

Core features are
* Ribbon
* Tabs
* Groups
* Tool/Buttons
* Views
* Panes

Project – Los Angeles Earthquakes

The project used 2D and 3D imagery to explore the 1994 Southern California earthquake. Final project was published to ArcGIS Online.