Rest Area Opportunities with OpenRouteService and QGIS

If you’re planning a road trip across NSW, there are over 800 official rest areas. But are there enough?

Adding spatial column to an existing MySQL table

There are a few gotchas when trying to add a spatial column to an existing MySQL table. Especially if you want to have a spatial index, which is kind of the point. This document goes through the process I had… Continue Reading →

NSW Government releases flood imagery

Interactive map of before and after NSW Floods, 2021.

Certificate – ArcGIS Cartography

A 6-week MOOC finishing in March 2021. The course covered everything in cartography from theming, animating, 3D visualisations, temporal maps, and more. Symbolising a map Creating Layouts for Print Projections – what to use when Classifying data Generalising data –… Continue Reading →

Certificate – FME Desktop

I’ve always been a bit of a data person – it comes with the territory of being a mapping person. However, as a small business owner, I’ve never had the need for a product like FME. Until now that is…. Continue Reading →

Orienteering Summer Series #8 – Lavender Bay

Orienteering at Balls Head brings back quite a range of emotions.

How to overlay a GPS route on an orienteering map

Have you ever wanted to overlay your GPS route on top of an orienteering map? This article explains how it can be done.

Orienteering Summer Series #7 – Telopea

This week saw the Sydney Summer Series orienteering venture to Western and Hills Orienteers’ Vineyard Creek map in Telopea.

Orienteering Summer Series #6 – Forestville

Race review of event #6 of the Sydney Summer Series of orienteering. This week – Forestville.

2600 Mapping Edits in the Fire Water Mapathon

I’m guilty of sometimes getting stuck in an OpenStreetMaps mapping session telling myself ‘just one more edit’. To put this trait to good use, this weekend I participated in the FireWaterMapathon.

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